• Size: 183x68
• Thickness: 4mm
• Microfiber suede top
• Natural rubber bottom
• Made in the USA
• Anti-slip texture
• Lightweight, absorbent
• Eco-friendly
• Long-lasting quality
• Next-level performance!

Sweat absorbing:
The suede top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip, giving you a slip free surface that is more secure than the average yoga mat. This is perfect for yoga practitioners who sweat a lot or practice hot yoga.

Comfortable cushion:
The 4mm thick mat offers ample comfort, cushion. This high density mat with firm cushion and non-slip surface provides plenty of support, suppling protection for your bones and joints, they can be used on a carpet or hard floors.

Texture rubber bottom:
Every amp’s yoga mat has an anti-slip textured natural rubber bottom layer to provide excellent grip power, keeping the mat firm to the floor and will never slip during the practicing, get beet traction and grip while performing yoga possess.

Care Instructions:
-Quick wipe:
Take a damped cloth and wipe away any dirt or oil built up on the surface of the mat.
-Deep clean:
Add a touch of cleaning spray or gentle soap, let the cleanser sit and work for 1-2minutes, damped cloth or a toothbrush to clean the mat and wipe away the cleaner.
-Brushing (for dirt marks):
Gently brush the circle by circle with a damped toothbrush.