About us

We are a Love Population

Love Population is a sustainable designer well-being brand created by Caroline Ruffo. Love Population yoga mats came to life from Caroline’s devotion to Kundalini yoga, background in fashion and love of animals.

We believe that to manifest a life filled with love, affection, fulfilment and joy it starts with daily practices that uplift you physically, spiritually, and sensually.

Our yoga mats are an act of self-love. Allowing you to tap into your true essence and express your inner beauty every time you step on the mat.

Love Population yoga mats are sexy, bold and bright with totem animal prints. The chic designs and luxurious feel are equally matched by the reliability, longevity, and sustainability woven into every mat with love.

Here’s how Love Population yoga mats are made for you...


Gentle on joints

The 4mm thickness of these mats take the pressure and strain off your joints when exploring different postures. The extra comfort of a thick yoga mat makes them excellent for meditation, cacao ceremonies, and sound baths requiring stillness on the mat.

 Super grippy

The ultra soft suede-like top layer not only adds a luscious sensory experience it also has sweat-wicking and non-slip qualities. No more worrying about

losing your grip in a hot yoga or intense vinyasa session. Your practice is safe in our hands.

Downward dog & pet friendly

We’ve thought of every detail with these mats, including your beloved pets. Our mats are immune to scratches furry friends can leave behind, plus pet hair is easily brushed away.

Cleaning is effortless

A rag is all it takes to clean these mats, but if you leave it out in your living room (because it just looks that good) your vacuum won’t do it any harm.

They make a stylish statement

The exclusive designer yoga mats create a sense of belonging in your home, retreat, or studio with beautiful prints made to enhance your space. These mats will entice your deep desire to commit to a regular practice, especially since you won’t need to hide it away after your practice.

Sustainable is the new sexy

Sustainability is one of our founding principles at Love Population. Which is why every yoga mat is created from sustainably sourced materials that are kind to our planet as much as they are to your practice.

A companion for life

Perfect for your yoga studio or regular practice. These thick, durable mats make them feel luxurious and supportive. A Love Population yoga mat will be there for you for years to come.

Shop our full range of luxury yoga mats to bring more pleasure, beauty, and connection to your practice.